Mandarin Salad


1 bunch romaine lettuce
1/2 head iceberg lettuce
1 bunch green onions, sliced
2 stalks celerty, chopped
1 can Mandarin oranges drain
1/2 candied almonds (recipe below)


Place lettuce in bowl, add slice green onions and chopped celery. Just before serving, add oranges and almonds. Toss with dressing Candied almonds Placed 1/2 cup slice almonds and 3 tablespoons sugar in a small fry pan. Stir over heat until sugar melts and almonds are coated. (It takes a LONG time for the sugar to melt). Cool and break apart. Dressing 1/2 tsp. salt pepper to taste 2 tablespoon sugar 2 tablespoon white vinegar 1/4 cup olive oil dash Tabasco sauce 1 tablespoon parsley, chopped
Course: Side
Cuisine: Asian
Added on: 2006-11-14 16:51:21