Vietnamese Summer Rolls


Rice paper
Green Onions (washed and sliced into 3" strips)
Cilantro (washed and tear into bunches)
Cucumbers (washed sliced into 3" strips)
Lettuce (I prefer red leaf, washed and torn into small enough pieces to fit into a small taco)
Vermicelli noodles (Boiled for 3 min over med heat, drained, and separated into small batches; the batches should be about the volume of a golf ball)
Shrimp (~2 shrimp per roll, boiled and sliced in half; I prefer to buy the Kirkland Raw & Tail-On frozen shrimp at Costco. They are already peeled and de-veined.)
Pork Belly strips (Boiled and cut off the fat; see cooking directions below) (These should look exactly like bacon, just without being cured and seasoned)
Mint [optional] (washed and tear into bunches)
Bean sprouts [optional] (washed and blanched for 30 sec)
Feel free to put any sort of vegetables in the spring rolls you want!


Cooking directions for rolls:

1) Prepare all vegetables above (the most time consuming).

2) Boil shrimp over medium heat. Shrimp will be done as soon as they float to the top.

3) Fill another saucepan with 2 C of water (the less water you use, the more flavorful the broth will be).

4) Boil the water and place the pork belly strips in it.

5) Remove the pork belly strips and set aside and cool. As soon as it cools, cut off the fat (or leave it on if you're lazy. =))

Rolling: 1) Wet rice paper by running under faucet or dipping into lukewarm water (Not too much otherwise the rice paper will be too wet. Not too little or it will just stay hard and not roll).

2) Place the shrimp down (you want it on the outside for appearance)

3) Add whatever ingredients you want into the roll (cucumber, bean sprouts, mint, green onion, cilantro, pork, etc.)

4) Wrap the noodles in the leaves of lettuce and place onto roll (I do this because I have found that the hardest part is making the noodles stay where they are while I'm wrapping. By using the lettuce as a wrap, it does the job for me.)

5) Roll the rice paper up like a burrito and voila!

Notes: Dip Rolls into Vietnamese Dipping Sauce.
Course: Lunch
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Uploaded by: Kelly Fowler
Added on: 2011-01-08 17:10:17