Southern Collard Greens and Cabbage


1/2 pound fat back
2 pounds smoked turkey necks
4 pounds collard greens--stalks removed; triple washed
1 small cabbage
6 cups water


Turkey Necks -In tall stock pot, bring water to boil. -Rinse turkey necks and add to boiling water. -Boil necks for 2 hrs--until meat is easily removed with fork. -Remove necks from pot, and remove meat from necks with fork. Set removed meat aside and throw necks away. Caution, the bones are very tiny and sharp, so only take the meat from the outside of the neck, as taking it from the inside may dislodge bones that could end up in the greens. -Remaining reduction should measure about 1 cup of liquid. If not, continue to boil until water level is reduced to about 1 cup. Fat Back -Using an extra sharp knife, separate fat from rind. -Cut fat into 1x2" strips. -In large saucepan, render out fat on low heat. -Once oil is rendered, throw strips away. -Add oil to water reduction. Greens -Layer washed greens into stacks of 6-8 leaves. -Roll leaves, cut into 1" strips. -Add to reduction/oil mixture. -Steam on low for 3 hours. Cabbage -Dice cabbage into 1" squares. -Add cabbage AND turkey meat to greens. -Cook for 2 hours. -Stir occasionally.
Notes: My aunt Venezuela Newborn, aka aunt Vinnie, was the food editor for Essense Magazine for nearly 20 years. She learned to cook as a child riding the trains with her father, who was the head cook for many years for a passenger train system in South Florida. She stayed with her father on the trains at night because her mother was a domestic who lived away from home during the week. She was never formerly trained, but became well known for her authentic southern cooking in the 1960's and 1970's, catering for members of the "Rat Pack", the Mike Douglas and Dinah Shore shows, and the CBS network for many years.
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