Kevin's Hot Hoagies


Hoagie rolls
Cold cuts of choice
1 yellow onion
Cheese of choice
Sandwich peppers (bottled, can be bought in any supermarket)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees, or turn on your panini maker.

Slice and saute the onions in butter until brown or browning.

While sauteeing onions, slice the cold-cuts into strips - I prefer to use turkey or chicken. Use two to three slices of meat for every sandwich you want to make. Keep an eye on the onions, you don't want them sticking to the pan.

Add peppers on a one-to-one proportion to the onion.

At this point slice the rolls and put them in the oven with two slices of cheese per hoagie roll (I tend to use provolone).

Add the coldcuts to the mixture in the frying pan and stir so that the slices of meat separate.

Only heat the mixture until the cheese starts melting, then stuff the rolls with the mixture and return to oven or move to panini maker.

Let heat for five minutes, tops.

Then serve. Mixture should make 2 to 4 sandwiches depending on how big you like your sandwiches.

Notes: I made this up while trying to emulate a favorite sandwich from a deli I frequented at my first college.

I noted what I like to use - but a person can use any type of lunchmeat and/or cheese they like. I don't tend to add any seasonings, as the cheese, onions and peppers all infuse the sandwich with a lot of flavor. I believe I tend to use the sliced banana peppers - but you can go with whatever level of spice you prefer.

Course: Lunch
Cuisine: American
Uploaded by: Kevin Smith
Added on: 2006-10-20 13:49:35