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Sometime ago my father mentioned that it might be nice to have a Web site on which the family could access family and favorite recipes.

At this site, we are hoping that the members of both my father's and my mother's families, extended family, in-laws, friends, acquaintances, and other associated flotsam and jetsam take advantage of this opportunity to preserve family recipes and put them out there for everyone to enjoy.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for the site, click on the contact us link above.

Thanks, Kevin (& Kelly)

03/31/2008- Some UpdatesThe Smiths in Williamsburg

Recently some lovely people have been adding items to the site with the intention of selling, various, um, products. We, of course, aren't really in the game of stocks, sex or male enhancement, so we've put in a few measures to stop them.

The main item is a "CAPTCHA" image checker at the bottom of the "Add a Recipe" page- it will require you to type in the exact words (capitalization counts!) to add your recipe. If you mistype them, you will get an error, but you won't have to re-enter your info (Thanks Jerry!). Its a necessary evil. Thanks, Kelly

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Gougères ( French Cheese Puffs)
Uploaded by Kelly Fowler

Vietnamese Dipping Sauce
Uploaded by Kelly Fowler

Vietnamese Summer Rolls
Uploaded by Kelly Fowler